BEATS, New Oscillator Turns Korg Logue Synthesizers Into A Drum Synth

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Sound Mangling’s new release BEATS packs over 28 percussive sounds based on synthesis into a new custom oscillator for Korg prologue, minilogue XD, and NTS-1.

The big topic of the past few weeks has been third-party plugins for Korg logic synthesizers. From unique oscillators to granular cloud reverbs, we’ve seen a lot in the past few weeks. Now one of the first developers is back, who started this.

Tim Shoebridge, YouTuber and developer today published BEATS, a new custom oscillator that packs a wide range of percussive sounds into one algorithm for the Korg prologue, minilogue X and NTS-1. Sounds like Tim has developed an oscillator with which you can turn your logue synth into a drum machine. Yes and no. On the one hand, the core has many percussive sounds (28 + few variations) but many things that make up a drum machine are missing. The term drum synth is more appropriate

BEATS has numerous sounds ranging from kicks to noise, all of them spread over a couple of octaves. Then it includes a few variations on the hi-hats and the snare drum which are on set as repeating or looping sounds. These are not based on samples but each sound is individually created using simple waveforms, white noise, and envelopes.

With the shape control, you can not manipulate the sounds as usual but it sets the four available speeds. The starting tempo can be set in the oscillator from 60-160bpm. One thing is important here: BEATS oscillator works differently in each Korg logue synth due to the amount of polyphony. Plus there are only 6 parameters available in the custom oscillators. This

Since the logue platform is quite limited for developers, there are only a few parameters available. This is not due to the decision of the developer, but of the Korg SDK. For example, you can’t mix the levels or process sounds individually. But Tim thought along here and has grouped similar sounds together (kicks/snare) with gain control over each of those groups. Plus there a high-pass filter on the snares and also a pitch control.

BEATS is out now for $19 USD and other custom oscillators are available in the official Sound Mangling shop.

More information here: Sound Mangling

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  1. These patches cost way too much imo. At least make the NTS versions less expensive. The thing was only 99 bucks.

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