TA Programming Studio MIDI & CV, An Interface Made To Control Synthesizers

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TA Programming Studio MIDI & CV is a new versatile interface that is capable of controlling multiple synths at the same time via voltage control outputs and MIDI/USB.

Everyone knows the classic audio interface: few audio inputs/outputs and usually with USB and MIDI connections. TA Programming, a young company from the UK, is taking a different path, which is becoming more and more common. With the Studio MIDI & CV, they introduced a new interface that doesn’t act like a traditional audio transmitter but as a control hub for all your synthesizers.

The idea behind this instrument is to control multiple synths simultaneously via CV and MIDI/USB with extra-low latency while keeping them perfectly in tune with each other. This can analog synths, vintage instruments, drum machines or even a Eurorack system.

TA Programming Studio MIDI & CV

Flexible Connections

Studio MIDI & CV features a MIDI In/Output, USB I/O for MIDI and serial bus connectivity, together with four universal CV control inputs. These CV connections can be used in a very flexible way: it can produce pitch, gate or AUX signals. Plus, you can create an unlimited number of universal CV control outputs by simply daisy-chaining multiple interfaces via the MIDI ports. The voltage of the configured outputs are completely user-definable between -9V and 10V, providing plenty of range to satisfy the requirements of almost all synthesizers, past and present

Also, any source — such as Pitch, Note On/Off, Velocity, Aftertouch, any MIDI CC number, signals from a DAW, and more besides — can be selected via USB or MIDI. Additionally, the Studio MIDI And CV Interface is MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) compatible, capable of sending out full MPE via MIDI DIN or mapping single channel/polyphonic MPE out of the universal CV CONTROL outputs. As all five control dimensions are natively supported, users can be sure that their synthesizers will be as musically expressive as allowed by the MPE method.

TA Programming Studio MIDI & CV
Meanwhile, the interface itself has internal circuitry powered by USB. Ultimately, however, TA Programming pushed itself hard to ensure that the power supply can tolerate variances in input voltage so that the resulting supply is always as clean as possible, providing the highest control voltage accuracy, as well as preserving tuning and configuration regardless of the USB host.

Powerful Also For MIDI Only Activities

You have not only a lot of flexibility with CV connections but also with classic MIDI and software. It can host USB MDI controllers in the software itself, thereby bypassing the DAW, if desired. So it offers also many MIDI processing features like LFOs, BPM-locked arpeggiators, keyboard splitting over MIDI, and much more. This is just the beginning because TA Programming plans to release on a regular basis firmware updates with new features.

Clever is that the Studio MIDI & CV interface always automatically stores its user’s current configured with no need to click save. So feel free to travel between a recording studio and performance venue safe in the knowledge that their current configuration will automatically load when the interface is powered back up.  Upon connection to their computer, the control software will automatically pull the current configuration from the interface itself to allow for easy editing. Plus, it gives you an unlimited number of presets and profiles for all your Synthesizers.


  • Advanced Tuning System: Multi-mapping and a state-of-the-art power circuitry will ensure your synth stays in tune for that upcoming gig.
  • Multi-Synth Control: Full access to all 16 MIDI channels, USB/MIDI passthrough and expandable CV Outputs, the interface can handle your rig with extra low latency.
  • Automatic Memory Reload: No need to spend hours re-configuring your synths during soundcheck, just plug in and play.
  • Powerful Control Software: Get up and running in no time with access to a whole host of features including Split Keyboard, Polyphony, MPE Compatibility, Unlimited Presets, DAW Bypass, and more.

TA Programming Studio MIDI & CV is available now for £249 GBP

More information here: TA Prog

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