Behringer Will Clone Roland CR-78 With Your Help & RD-9 Update

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Two Behringer news in one day: a Roland CR-78 drum machine clone is in the making and a new development update for the RD-9 

TR-808, TR-909, and TR-606 have already been cloned by Behringer. Now the time for the Roland CR-78 seems to have come. In a recent Facebook post, Uli has announced that they are planning to work on a CR-78 clone but one that is equipped differently.

According to Uli, many of the customers want to see a clone but one without the rhumba and foxtrot etc. rhythms as preset. They suggest to use the RD-6 case and to implant a possible CR-78 analog clone, aka RD-78.

Behringer CR-78

Uli Needs Your Help

It is interesting that Uli asks the community to help how the housing should look. He trusts them more than his own designer. Interesting. Plus, the winner can win a free RD-6 drum machine. Here what Uli wrote on FB.

We have received many requests to clone a CR78. We assume you’d love to have the original analog sound engines but don’t need the rhumba and foxtrot etc. rhythms as direct selectable presets as those could be stored in the sequencer. What would you think if we use the RD-6 casing and sequencer and simply replace the upper section with the instruments from the CR78?

Perhaps we have some folks here who’d want to sketch something up and so you can all vote for the best design. The winner will get a free RD-6 that’ll be soon released. That would we awesome ?Uli

Behringer RD-9

Shortly before the announcement of the Roland CR-78 clone, Uli Behringer also gave a statement of why the release of the RD-9 was delayed. According to him, they are currently working on hardware and software updates that will improve the quality of the RD-9. He said:

Hi everyone, we like to give you some feedback related to the RD-9. Since the launch of our RD-8, we listened to you and spent quite some time to further improve the unit, which resulted in multiple firmware releases. We’re now putting our focus on the RD-9, which shares much of the same firmware. We have also taken the opportunity to completely review the hardware to ensure we do everything we can to ship a high quality product.

We don’t have a shipping date for now, but we’re making good progress as we’re fully focusing on the RD-9. As soon as we have more updates, we’ll let you know. Thank you for your patience and support. Uli

More information here: Behringer

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  1. I might work with synthesizers in three main ways: on a desk top, in an audio rack and in a Euro rack. Maybe make the housing useable on the desk top, to fit into an audio rack and also fit in a Euro rack?

    I might then buy the unit for three different reasons.

    Would the Model D or Neutron housings work in the above fashion?

    Something referencing the CR78 colour scheme would also be good: black and orange at least.

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