Gospel Musicians Released BASSalicious 2 Synthesizer For iOS (AUv3)

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Gospel Musicians has today released BASSalicious 2, the second version of their bass Synthesizer for iOS. The new version features a brand new synth engine including a hybrid architecture (wavetables & sample-playback), new filters, a new effect section, and many new presets.

BASSalicious 2 doesn’t offer AudioBus support but is an AUv3 app that allows you to use it also in the AB app in multiple instances.

Gospel Musicians BASSalicious 2


The ultimate Synth Bass Application for your iOS Device. In fact, we would venture to say that BASSalicious 2.0 is probably the best synth bass plugin ever created. We’ve deployed not only analog and wavetable oscillators, but we’ve also included 470 high quality streaming samples that you can mix and match.

With up to 4-oscillators per sound, you can only imagine how warm and big your synth bass sounds will be. We’ve also added many high-quality analog modeled multi-mode filters, feedback, 22 digital effects, and an extensive modulation system to make BASSalicious 2.0 the end all be all synth bass plugin. 

New Features In BASSalicious 2

  • 400 high-quality presets (300 More Presets)
  • 458 brand new sounds and 8,315 Samples
  • 165 new wavetables, including warm wavetables™
  • Added new electric and acoustic bass samples as well
  • Band new easy-to-use preset system with quicksaving, searching and recall
  • Ported over version 1 presets
  • Version 1 presets are 100% compatible
  • 22 high-quality digital effects
  • SubHarm module to mangle the subharmonics
  • Detune module for subtle analog detuning
  • Feedback module for instant warming and feedback effects
  • Multimode ladder filters with added drive effect
  • easy modulation system
  • favorites option to recall favorite presets

Gospel Musicians BASSalicious 2

Key Features

  • sample-based & wavetable synth engine
  • modulation system with an easy right+click modulator assignment schema
  • Warm Wavetable Technology – custom wavetable algorithm to keep waveforms warm and analog sounding
  • VA circuit modeled state variable filter, giving a warm analog sound + classic ladder filter emulation
  • JP-8000 Supersaw Unison/Detune with the blend option to be able to blend between regular and JP-Like detuning
  • Featuring Overloud’s VKFX Suite
  • AUv3 support with full view
  • iOS 11+
  • 1.6 GB of sample data
  • MIDI learn
  • virtual MIDI
  • and more.

Gospel Musicians BASSalicious 2 is available now for $7.99 USD on the Apple App Store.

More information here: GM Bassalicious 2

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