Pulse Synthesizers HSF (Heavy Side Function), New Multi-Functional Eurorack Module From Australia

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Pulse Synthesizers, developer of the Load Runner granular Synth shows a preview of the HSF, a new colorful multi-functional Eurorack module 

It can always be a bit more colorful during Christmas and New Year’s. That was probably also what Pulse Synthesizers thought. The developer is showing a preview of his second module right on time for the end of the year. HSF (Heavy Side Function) is a new multi-functional (swiss army knife style) Eurorack module with a very colorful interface.

According to the developer, it will offer many different features in one module: voltage-controlled (VC) 8 channel LFO, ADSR and a sequencer with USB MIDI support. If we use the four division split of the display as a basis, so four different functions can be used simultaneously. In this example, you can see an active LFO (red), sequencer (green), ADSR (blue), and MIDI (lila).

Pulse Synthesizers HSF

The functions are each supported with a colored edit controller and knobs for the amount and rate. If you look at the screens, you will not see classic LFO, ADSR envelopes or sequencer shapes but very complex ones. So you can assume that the module can go very deep. The idea of making the whole color-coded is nice, they may correspond to the colors: envelopes are always blue, red are the LFOs…

There is not much information available at the moment. It would be cool if you can combine the various modulations together or upload new shapes for LFOs or envelopes that would be very exciting. But you can see on the interface that it has a lot of CV connections.

More information about Pulse Synthesizers HSF will come in the near future. The developer’s first module was the Load Runner, a granular sampler for the Eurorack format. Here is a little first demo of it.

More information here: Pulse Synthesizers

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  1. Nice! Those adsr stages are crazy! Reminds me a bit of the XAOC Zadar but with different features. Will keep an eye on this.

    Psst Pulse Synths, send more Loadrunners to Perfect Circuit! 😛 I went to purchase one and they sold out hours before I could order.

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