CME WIDI Master, New Smart Adapters That Add MIDI Over Bluetooth To Every Device

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The CME WIDI Master adapters are MIDI over Bluetooth all-rounders that allow you to connect all your MIDI devices without computers with no cables.

A few years ago, CME showed with its Xkey controllers how flat polyphonic aftertouch keyboards can look. Now with the new WIDI Master adapters, they try to simplifies the workflow with MIDI over Bluetooth and make it available for every musical instrument including hardware.

WIDI Master automatically pairs with any Bluetooth MIDI device. No more manual scanning and pairing of your Bluetooth devices. These adapters reduce latency by directly embedding the BLE MIDI protocol in its firmware.


Bypass your computer and benefit from fast wireless MIDI connectivity. However, with such a system, there is always the question of what the latency is. According to CME, they expect a round latency of 10-15 ms.

WIDI Master doesn’t need an external power or battery and is a fully standalone wireless solution. Nice is here it’s also compatible with iOS. So you can even pair your standalone MIDI hardware like an Elektron or Synthesizer with an iOS device or Mac. And Windows and Android users can use the ‘WIDI BUD’ to use wireless MIDI over Bluetooth.



  • Wireless technology Bluetooth (ver. 5), MIDI over Bluetooth Low Energy-Compliant
  • Connectors:
    • 1x MIDI IN (5pin-DIN)
    • 1x MIDI OUT (5pin-DIN)
  • Switch, indicator 1x switch
    1x Multicolor LED
  • Compatible devices WIDI Master, WIDI BUD, Bluetooth MIDI controllers, iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, Mac with Bluetooth 4.0 installed
  • Compatible OS iOS 8 or later, OSX Yosemite or later
  • Firmware update On the air by using WIDI PLUS software (iOS/ MacOSX)

CME Widi Master is available now for pre-order for $39 USD. The regular price will be $59 USD.

More information here: CME 

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