Elettrorama Brings Back The MFOS Sound Lab Mark II Analog Synth By Ray Wilson

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MFOS Soundlab Mark II, the unique analog mono synth by synth guru Ray Wilson is back in a revision version in limited quantities made by Elettrorama 

Bob Moog, Dave Smith, Tom Oberheim, Don Buchla… are the most famous developers in the world of synth developers. However, one should not forget Ray Wilson, who created in the past unique synths that had a very special design and sound including the MFO Soundlab Mark II.

The Elettrorama version is a revision of the original design and offers a new silver interface. The synth engine is the same: 2 VCOs, 1 filter, 2 envelopes, 2 LFOs and a patch panel with connections for CV, gate and more. Attention, it doesn’t offer MIDI.

MFOS Soundlab Mark II

The Sound Lab Mini-Synth Mark II is a great unit for gigs and/or for the studio and you’ll never grow tired of the myriad of sounds the unit can produce. Make your music, soundscapes and/or movie soundtracks stand out with authentic vintage analog synth sounds. Put a Sound Lab Mini-Synth Mark II to work for you today.


  • analog subtractive design
  • 2x oscillators: saw up, square, white noise
  • 1x filter with 24dB slope (4-pole), resonance
  • filter modulation: envelope, input, knob, LFO, oscillator
  • 2 envelopes: attack, decay, looping and triggered
  • 2 LFOs: sample & hold, saw up, saw down, square & triangle
  • 1 voice (mono)
  • aluminum with plexiglass or wood side panels
  • controls: buttons, knobs, switches
  • connections:
    • audio output: 1/4′” phone jack, mono output
    • CV ports: CV in, CV out, gate in, gate out, 1V octave
  • original project by Ray Wilson
  • revision of the original Soundlab Mini-Synth

Sound Demo by Ray Wilson

As mentioned earlier, Ray Wilson, who unfortunately passed away, developed the MFOS Soundlab Mini-Synth and share his circuits with hobbyists. He did not give permission to mass production per example. Here is a sound demo of this synth.

MFOS Soundlab Mark II by Elettrorama is available now for 600€ (+20€ shipping) in limited quantities from Reverb.com

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