UVI Unveiled Falcon 2 Synthesizer, Big Free Update With New Features, Improvements & 30% OFF Sale

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UVI Falcon 2 is a massive free update of the “Omnisphere 2 competitor” with more features (additive Osc …), more effects, MPE & and more.

Great news from France, not from Arturia but UVI. The company has today launched Falcon 2, a big update to its flagship hybrid instrument/Synthesizer plugin. The new update features a new additive oscillator with advanced functions, new effects such as tape echo, new Sallen-Key lowpass filter, formant crusher, parametric LFO and more.

On top, it comes with new scripts like a euclidean drum sequencer, MPE support (finally!), over 160 new wavetables and 150+ new factory sounds. A huge update for Falcon and the best news Falcon 2 is free of charge for every Falcon 1 user. Just download the update from your user account and enjoy it. If you do not have Falcon 2 yet, there is now even a 30% OFF sale with 2 free expansions.

UVI Falcon 2


UVI Falcon 2 is a massive Synthesizer & sample workstation with 16 oscillators (stereo granular, additive, FM, wavetable…), over 90 built-in effects, modulation sources and MIDI processors with scripting options. Falcon offers native 64-bit operation in stand-alone and plug-in formats, supports surround setups up to 10.2 channels, is compatible with all UVI and UVI-Powered soundbanks, and allows simultaneous authorization on up to 3 computers or iLok keys.

Falcon 2 adds the brand new Additive oscillator, an easy-to-use additive oscillator inspired by classic subtractive synthesis with additive twists like partial stretching, frequency shifting, fractional-order filtering, even/odd harmonic control, continuous morph from square to saw and more; new effects such as Tape Echo, a recreation of the famous ‘70s hardware tape delay; SKF, a circuit-modeled second-order single op-amp nonlinear Sallen-Key lowpass filter; Formant Crusher, a screaming lo-fi take on formant filtering.

The Redux effect has been updated with an entirely redesigned algorithm for analog bit-crushing and added a new Parametric LFO modulator, giving parametric control to shape, symmetry, pulse width, and swing; multiple new script-based sequencers including Euclidean Tonal, Euclidean Drum, and the featured 8-part X0X-style Drum Sequencer; 160+ new wavetables and 150+ new factory sounds.

As well, Falcon 2 adds many quality-of-life updates such as the new Modulation Quick Menu, improving usability of complex patches by providing easier navigation of modulators; and User Templates for keygroups, allowing users to create their own keygroup starting-points in addition to the factory Synth and Sample options.

Falcon 2 is available now at a reduced price of $244 /244€ through October 27th, 2019 (regularly $427 /427€) plus two free expansions worth 78€. Discount applied automatically when users add Falcon and 2 Falcon Expansions of their choice to their cart.

Owners of Falcon can download for free Falcon 2 and the updated library through the UVI Portal or My Products on the website.

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    • depends always on your patch. Multiple layers with granular etc. consume a lot of CPU. Same for Omnisphere 2 😉

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