Sugar Bytes Released Aparillo FM Synthesizer For iOS (AUv3)!

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Sugar Bytes Aparillo for iOS not a classic FM Synthesizer emulation but gives musicians a new look at FM synthesis using a different layout!

Last year, Sugar Bytes released Aparillo FM Synthesizer, a unique FM Synthesizer plugin with some crazy sound design options. Today, one year later, they has published a complete port of Aparillo for iOS with iOS AUv3 support. It’s an advanced 16-voice FM synth that doesn’t work like a traditional FM synth (DX7…). It designed to create deep atmospheres, complex sound textures, majestic motions, evolving soundscapes and more.

I don’t expect a classic FM synth from them but again a very unique and crazy instrument/effect plugin or application. If you search a crazy FM synth check out absolutely Aparillo.

Sugar Bytes Aparillo FM Synthesizer iPad


Aparillo is an advanced 16-voice FM synthesizer, tailored for majestic sonic motions. A clever arrangement of synthesis, wave shaping, filtering, FX and modulation unfolds into a serious sound design tool for epic sonic creation. Make sure to check out the Orbiter, a mass-controller for immediate, instant blockbuster sounding themes.


  • FM Synthesizer with 16 Voices.
  • Formant Shifting, Wave Folding & Shifting.
  • Multi-Mode Filter with Spacializer.
  • Orbiter for one-touch Sound Morphing.
  • 2 interdependent LFOs with S+H and Gravitation.
  • Wide Modulation Options from 10 sources.
  • Audio Unit v3, Standalone & Ableton Link.
  • MIDI Support, MIDI Learn & Host Automation.
  • Preset iCloud Sync and Preset Share.
  • 500 handpicked Presets.

Sugar Bytes Aparillo is available for iOS 11 or later as a free download, with in-app purchases to unlock Audio Unit, Save & Session Restore, iCloud Sync… plus more than 500 presets. The full version is priced at 17.99 EUR/$19.99 USD.

More information here: Sugar Bytes

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