Eventide Rotary Mod Is A Leslie Speaker Simulation For iOS With AUv3 Support

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Eventide Rotary Mod is an iOS AUv3 app and transforms your iPad in a versatile effect processor that simulates the best-known Leslie speaker. 

Eventide is back with another AUv3 effect processor for iOS. Rotary Mod is a rotating cabinet effect that simulates a Leslie speaker from the legendary Hammond organ. This new effect can produce a pulse-like vibrato or classic swirly effects.

As always Eventide goes a step further and incorporates modern features that allow you to design even more versatile and specialized effects. The good news: Rotary Mod is again a AUv3 app but works also as standalone app with Inter-App Audio. I’m happy to see that Eventide continues to develop iOS apps.

Eventide Rotary Mod

Press Release

October 10, 2019, Little Ferry, NJ, USA – Eventide Audio is proud to release Rotary Mod for music creation on iPhone and iPad! Rotary Mod for iOS provides the legendary sound effect produced from an authentic emulation based on the liquid and lush Leslie cabinet, used on thousands of recordings and most notably by the Beatles, Beach Boys, Cream, Pink Floyd and many more. Rotary Mod is available for just $7.99 from the App Store®, as an AUv3 plugin and standalone app.

Just like the original sound derived from the uber-famous Hammond organ’s Leslie speaker cabinet, musicians and sound designers will achieve the coveted rotating tremolo cabinet effect heard on numerous recordings with Eventide’s Rotary Mod for iOS. This iconic emulation brings that classic 60’s whirling modulation bliss into the 21st  century and the palm of your hand.

Rotary Mod produces a pulse-like vibrato effect depending on the speed of rotation. Rotary offers precise control to dial in the exact amount of movement you need to create pulsating, lush effects used to “liquify” instrument sounds and create dramatic musical gestures. The classic, swirling effect of Rotary for iOS can be utilized to drastically transform guitars, bass, synths, strings, vocals and more.


  • Ability to change the speed of the rotor and horn independently, and adjust the mix of the two to produce pulsing effects and special vibratos
  • Option to add frequency modulation to the rotor and horn speed using secondary LFO with selectable modulation source
  • Ability to choose cabinet size (Standard or Giant) to alter the sweetness of your tone
  • Included Hi-cut control for precise sound design 
  • Tap Tempo feature to sync effect to the BPM of your song
  • Incredibly easy to use with included presets
  • Innovative Ribbon control allows for changing any combination of parameters simultaneously
  • Mix Lock control to scroll through presets while keeping the wet-dry mix constant
  • Compatible as an Audio Units AUv3 plug-in, Inter-App Audio, and Standalone application for iPhone and iPad

Eventide Rotary Mod is now available for download from the App Store for $7.99 as an Audio Units AUv3 plug-in, Inter-App Audio, and Standalone application for iPhone and iPad.

More information here: Eventide 

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