Ampethron New DSP-Based Hardware Synthesizer: First Features Released

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Ampethron, a new manufacturer has announced a yet unknown new hardware DSP Synthesizer with the help of a simple user interface picture.

Back in September, I reported about an upcoming new DSP based Synthesizer with the name Ampethron. Now there are first details about this new synthesizer.  The developer of this new hardware Synthesizer is a new company and is called Phasenetic Research Labs.  But what we’re interested in is what the synthesizer can do and what features it has.

As already said before, it will be a DSP based Synthesizer with a new concept and a new style of controlling/playing sounds. According to the developer, it will be a revolutionary unit for Live-acts, DJs and for studio production. The mention of DJs in the synthesizer area scares me a bit but let’s check out the features.

Ampethron GUI (33 of 131) Ampethron FX on grey marble (14 of 62) Ampethron FX on grey marble (3 of 62) EFXPLODE on grey marble (37 of 37)

Ampethron Features (The First)

It will feature many different algorithms (types of Synthesizers and instruments) in one DSP hardware device including new types of synthesis & resynthesis.he Ampethron engine offers 4 oscillators with real-time wave-drawing oscillators/LFOs on a touchscreen with wavetables, virtual analog, and re-oscillator). The

Further, two parallel/serial filters are onboard with 14 types of filters to choose from. The instrument will have hardware & touchscreen controls. Also, multiple external connections are possible. The developer also announced that the synth will be sold in limited quantities in a crowdfunding campaign.

We do not know much yet that there is news about this new DSP based Synthesizer.

News From September 3rd, 2019

Analog synthesizers have been a big trend in recent years. Following the motto: who does not make an analog synth is uncool. Not to forget the many exciting new digital synths from Modal Electronics, Waldorf and more.

Today, Ampethron, a new manufacturer, has announced a new DSP-based Synthesizer. The announcement was very informative poor: only a photo of a futurist designed user interface.

Review Of The Ampethron Photo

If you look at the photo, you can see an interface that is used with a finger, so this new Synthesizer will probably have a touch interface. According to the picture, the synth will feature three oscillators (tabs: OSC1+2 & OSC 2+3) who can interact together. Also to see is a dual filter section where an “analog-style lowpass” filter is selected in filter 1. In filter 2, you can see a combination of a lowpass and bandpass. Also, we can see for each filter: tracking, cutoff, and resonance.

I’m pretty sure that you can also select different filter modes and use them in serial or parallel. Further, you can see two envelopes and a modulation page. However, it is not yet known what the Synthesizer can do. One thing is confirmed: it’s DSP based but the rest is unknown. No information on the synthesis (additive, VA, wavetable, granular, FM), features, price, etc.


If you are already interested in the project, you can leave your email on the official website. When the synth is officially announced, you get all the info including a coupon code with which you receive a 200€ discount on the official price. An interesting way of how a company can measure the interest in the synth.

Synth Anatomy stays on the ball and will tell you more about this synth if there is more information.

More information here: Ampethron Synthesizer

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