KQ Unotone Are 4 AUv3 Synthesizers That Are Heavily Inspired By The KORG Monotron Lineup

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KQ Unotone is an iOS app that fuses 4 AUv3-ready synthesizers that are heavily inspired by the KORG Monotron lineup in one single synth app. 

Ryouta Kira, developer of the amazing KQ Dixie FM Synthesizer and KQ MiniSynth is back with a new iOS app. He released today KQ Unotone, an iPad/iPhone app that features 4 synthesizers in one app.

All 4 synths are heavily inspired by the beloved KORG Monotron lineup (Classic, Delay & Duo). These are so popular because they produce very weird sounds, are mobile and make a lot of fun. Al

KQ Unotone

Monotron Inspired Engine

KQ Unotone features 2 oscillators, lowpass filter, delay effect processor and a beloved ribbon controller but no envelope generator. According to the developer, the pitch of the sound change when you tweak the delay time. All four mini synths can be used also as an effect processor. This type of controller fits perfectly to an app on a touch device (iPad/iPhone) because playing is similar to that of a ribbon controller.


The most important connection interfaces are on board: the app supports Audiobus, Inter-App Audio as well as AUv3. So you can use the app in several instances as an instrument or effect processor. But attention, you can either connect the instrument or effector when you use in Audiobus or Inter-App Audio.

Also Launching the app may be necessary after connection if you use iOS 12.4

KQ Unotone is available now for $1.99 USD on the Apple App Store.

More information here: Ryouta Kira 

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