Apple Fixed The Multi-Touch Bug In iOS 13.1 / iPadOS

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Update: Apple has fixed the multi-touch bug in iOS 13.1 & iPadOS. 

Apple iOS 13 was released recently, but it is not recommended to download this because there is a bug concerning Synthesizer player.

Every year we see a new iOS, this year even an iPadOS. Of course with new features and improvements. This week it was time. iOS 13 is available. But like every year, this is not yet perfect in the first version.

According to Jakob Haq, there is an iOS 13 bug that affects mainly Synthesizer players. The problem happens when you play more than two notes at the same time, ie a chord. If you play only two notes it’s fine, more than two a utility menu pops up.

Apple iOS 13 bug

Also, the first developers confirmed this Apple iOS 13 bug. Matthew Fecher from the Synth One app says it’s an Apple iOS bug where no external app developers can do anything. The only one who can do anything here is Apple and unfortunately, we know that this can take a long time (IAA problems).

Those who are not yet on iOS 13 should absolutely wait, especially if you use Synthesizer apps on iPhone or iPad. For this reason, I advise nobody to go immediately to a new iOS in the release week.

There are always problems and apps that do not work yet. In this case, the problem is even in the operating system. Jakob Haq also describes the problem in a short FB video.

Jakob “haq attaq” Haq

More information here: Apple 

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