CircleFade CF1 Is Not A Gameboy But A New Portable MIDI/CV Sequencer!

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The CF1 by CircleFade is not the next-generation mobile gaming console but a brand-new portable MIDI/CV sequencer with powerful features!

If you look for the first time at the CF1 from the young French company CircleFade, then you can maybe think that Nintendo or another Japanese company brings a new handheld gaming console on the market. But that not right! It’s a new portable MIDI & CV sequencer with advanced features. The sequencer engine is built-in a black case with HD touchscreen and additional buttons for the navigation. The CF1 offers a full-featured song mode that allows you to built your tracks with up to 100 different sequences, add MIDI effects and more.

The CF1 comes also with a handy predictive mode with artificial intelligence that helps generating custom sequences. On the backside, the CF1 features a MIDI interface (in/out) as well as 12 assignable CV ports that can be pitch, gate, velocity or LFO. An interesting new sequencer in my opinion. Looking forward to see the final product!


  • HD touchscreen
  • Max loop length: unlimited
  • Simultaneous MIDI sends: all 16 Channels​
  • Record sequences
  • Piano roll / random / pad / record
  • Quantize 1/ 128 step
  • Ratcheting & swing
  • Scale mode
  • MIDI in / MIDI out
  • 12 assignable CV portsI
  • Pitch / gate / velocity / LFO
  • Synchronization master / slave
  • Song mode: construct tracks, MIDI effects, solo / mute functions/ up to 100 different sequences
  • Predictive mode: use our artificial intelligence – train the AI though the progression system to generate custom sequences

The CF1 is currently under development and the developers are building the first prototypes. If you want to help the company and want to try/test them, you can contact them via the official website.

Availability & Price: TBA 

More information here: CircleFade 

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