KMI QuNexus free firmware update brings arp/sequencer & new red version

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KMI upgrades its MPE controller QuNexus with a three-track arpeggiator/sequencer via a free firmware update and shows a new red version.

There are only a few polyphonic aftertouch keyboards and pad controllers. One of the best-known is the Keith McMillen Instruments (KMI) QuNexus that offers 25 soft keys with polyphonic aftertouch. Especially due to its compact design and its CV / Gate connections, it is often used by many electronic musicians.

KMI recently released a big new firmware for its QuNexus MPE controller, which makes it much more exciting. This release is celebrated with a new, improved, red version. Very good, the new firmware is also available for existing QuNexus customers.

KMI QuNexus firmware update

QuNexus Red

Red is the new QuNexus and it also features a new ABS-polycarbonate finish. But that’s not the highlight. A new key and pitch bend algorithm based on our K-Board Pro 4 gives superior playing and expression

The new version comes immediately with the new firmware installed that brings the new function with it. There are new control elements on the interface so that they can also be operated intuitively. But now to the new software update and the new features.

Firmware Update

The firmware update brings an arpeggiator and sequencer functionality. You have three-track, each can work in arp or step sequencer mode. Plus they have independently assignable MIDI channels, USB/DIN, and CV outputs. The new arpeggiator supports 10 playback motes, including more unique ones like pendulum, random, and brownian motion.

Each pattern has up to 32 quantized steps and there are 8 slots to save/recall patterns. You get different playback divisions from whole notes to 32nd notes, dotted or triplets from 5-255 bpm.

Further, track 1 supports MPE playback with each key transmitting aftertouch and tilt.

This is a huge update, especially for existing customers who have had the QuNexus for years. Keith McMillen, welcome in the sequencer business.

Keith McMillen Instruments (KMI) QuNexus (red) is available soon for $179 USD. The KMI QuNexus firmware update is free of charge for existing customers and will arrive in October.

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