Roland Jupiter-X/Xm 2.0: Roland Cloud Connect & vocal designer model expansion

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Roland Jupiter-X/Xm 2.0 firmware brings remote Roland Cloud control from your Android & iOS device and intros new vocal designer modal expansion.

When it comes to updates, Roland has changed over the past few years. Little before, now regular and always very impressive. Please keep it up.

After the new editors for the TR-8S and TR-6S, there is now firmware 2.0 for the Jupiter-X / XM Synthesizer series. There are two new features, both not free but exciting as one makes finally a bridge between the cloud and the hardware.

Roland Jupiter-X/Xm 2.0

Roland Cloud Connect

The new Roland Jupiter X/Xm 2.0 firmware is out now. It has two major new features. Until now, the ZEN-Core Jupiters were dependent on a desktop or laptop computer. Without it, you couldn’t change sounds, get new Modal Expansions or simply access the Roland Cloud. With Roland Connect, the Japanese company is now showing a wireless bridge to the cloud using the new WC-1 adapter. It wirelessly connects your instrument to the cloud on your mobile device using the new Roland Cloud Connect app, either on Android or iOS.

Once connected, you can browse and install sound packs, wave expansions, modal expansions, and more. All compatible content is fully searchable and automatically synchronizes with your cloud account. It also allows you to preview and play sounds instantly over your wireless network. Looks like a very useful addition. A bit of shame that Roland didn’t build a wireless module directly in the new Jupiter lineup. A missed opportunity. The WC-1 stick won’t be cheap at $99 but comes with a 12-month subscription for Roland Cloud Pro.

Vocal Designer Modal Expansion

Vocal Designer Modal Expansion

The second addition is the Vocal Designer modal expansion. Its core is based on a further development of Roland’s well-known vocal synthesis engine known from the VP and V-Synth keyboards. It comes with 26 different vocal synthesis algorithms with which you can create expressive robotic vocoder sounds up to an entire harmonic choral ensemble. You can blend your voice with the synthesis engine using 90 newly crafted presets or with your own.

It also gives you the option to transform any other sound with the engine. Just plug in your favorite drum machines, guitars, synths via the audio input or via USB and use them as unique modulators. Further, any ZEN-Core tone can be used alone or layered with other sounds, offering a staggering number of sonic possibilities. It’s not a free expansion but nonetheless, it looks like a neat expansion for it. Hope to see it soon for the Fantom series as well. 

The Roland Jupiter-X/XM 2.0 firmware is available now as a free download. The new WC-1 Wireless Adapter is available for pre-order for $99 USD and will be available soon. It includes 12 months of Roland Cloud Pro subscription. The Roland Cloud Connect app is available for Android and iOS.

Vocal Designer Modal Expansion is available for Roland Cloud Ultimate subscribers or as a lifetime key for $149 USD.

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