Møffenzeef System: A Eurorack Drum Machine Designed For Creating Crazy Glitch Sounds

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The nice thing about modular Synthesizers is that you are free to assemble your dream system. Should it be a classic analog synth or a crazy experimental one, everything is possible. If the latter arouses your interest, then you need to check out the complete system of Møffenzeef Modular.

The Møffenzeef System is a Eurorack drum machine consisting of 12 modules with which you can not design classic drum sounds. The focus here is on glitch drum and percussion sounds (clicks, bleeps, etc.) Similar sounds as you often hear from Richard Devine.



Møffenzeef Mødular started with the missiøn øf making a small mødular drum machine that specializes in creating “clicks and cuts” style glitch percussiøn. Nøw før the first time ever after 4 years øf børderline masøchistic wørk, the cømplete Møffenzeef system is finally available!

System Møffenzeef is housed in a beautiful handmade ash cabinet made by my øld friend Ty Derousseau and is powered by 4ms Row Power.

Møffenzeef System

Møffenzeef System Features:

  • 1x Count: master clock generator
  • 3x Bus Mult: CV distribution system
  • 1x Mito: polyrhythmic trigger sequencer
  • 1x Deviant: bipolar random voltage generator
  • 1x Gmo: voltage controlled 12bit rompler
  • 1x Muskrat: 8bit wavetable drum
  • 1x Kriket: quad blip & beep generator
  • 1x Dial-Up: Glitch Drum
  • 1x Moffenmix: quad distortion mixer

Also Included

  • 1x 4ms Row Power
  • 1x Power Brick
  • Handmade 92HP Ash Cabinet
  • Moffenzef Fraterni T-Shirt
  • MOF-001 cassette
  • Ad infinitum patch cables
    • 10x 6″
    • 10x 12″
    • 10x 24″

The Møffenzeef System is limited to 5 units and available now for $2100 USD.

More information here: Møffenzeef Modular 

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