Pulsar Audio Echorec Includes Emulations Of Three Models In One Plugin

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Pulsar Audio has today released Echorec, a new echo effect plugin that emulates the iconic Binson Echorec 2 magnetic-disk delay from the 1960s. It features emulations of three different conditions that give all the sounds from the cleanest to the dirtiest one.

The plugin version has also the ability to change the motor speed (delay time) in real time or to sync to any tempo, included a tapped tempo. So seen it offers you not only an emulation of one vintage unit but from three different models.

Pulsar Audio Echorec


The Pulsar Echorec plugin gives you a faithful emulation of this legendary echo unit; furthermore, many workflow improvements have been added to the original, such as the ability to change the motor speed (and so the delay time) in real time or to sync it to any tempo, including a tapped tempo. Three different units, in different conditions, have also been precisely modeled, to have all sounds from the cleanest magnetic delay, to the most grunge.

These additions and the signature sound of the Binson Echorec 2 make this echo a must-have tool for any mixer who wants to add the subtle analog life, which is sorely lacking in digital delay plugins.


  • Authentic tube sound — The exact sound of the all-tube input section of the Binson Echorec has been precisely replicated. Special attention was paid to the modeling of pre-emphasis filters.
  • Magnetic field recreation — Any sound going through a magnetic device is modified in a particular way. Complex processes in the Echorec disk involving magnetic saturation and hysteresis have been precisely modeled.
  • Stereo Drift — As an improvement to the original hardware design, we added the possibility of slightly detuning the left and right channels. The result is a large stereo echo with precisely placed repetitions.
  • Creative Modulations — Sound engineers always have their tricks. One of the coolest with the Echorec is the ability to slow the disk down with a finger, resulting in creative pitch modulation or wow and flutter effects on the delayed signal.
  • Three States of Wear — Any Binson unit found nowadays has traveled 50 years through time. Some are in mint condition, and some are used. During our measurements, we found that each unit had a special color, and some are really nice independently from the unit condition. So we selected the three units we liked the most.
  • Off Mode — Some effects just sound incredibly good, even when they’re not supposed to affect the sound at all. The Binson Echorec is one of these. So we carefully designed an Off mode that reproduces the color and grit of the delayed signal, without any delay.

Pulsar Audio Echorec is on sale now for 69€/$77 USD (regular 99€/$109 USD). A 30-day demo version is available as a download.

More information here: Pulsar Audio

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