TipTop Audio MISO Is A Multipurpose Utility Module For Advanced CV Manipulations

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TipTop Audio has recently released MISO, a new multipurpose utility Eurorack module that allows complex shaping of any CV signal (envelopes, LFO…). With an additional cv controllable crossfade feature, it’s easily possible to bring motions to your shapings.

TipTop Audio MISO


MISO is a multipurpose utility module, a laboratory for synthesizing control voltage signals and audio. MISO combines multiple CV tools into one module for making complex CV shapes at the output stage. The name comes from the the four main functions available: Mix, Invert, Scale, and Offset. MISO’s 2 sections (1/2 IN and A/B IN) are identical. Each section has two inputs that can be used to Mix signals, Invert polarity/shape, Scale magnitude and Offset voltage. Each function can be used independently or simultaneously with the total shape summed to the mix output.

At the center of the module is another processor, an accurate smooth linear voltage-controlled crossfader that mixes equally between the outputs of the top and the bottom MISO sections. Feed the MISOs with envelopes, LFOs, Sequences to create new shapes and then crossfade them manually or with CV using the center section for even further complexity of shapes and animation of control signals. Crossfade between the waveforms of a VCO or audio samples with CV for more motion.

TipTop Audio MISO is available now for 99€ from any Eurorack retailer.

More information here: TipTop Audio 

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