That’s How It Sounds If You Only Use The Befaco Rampage Function Generator Module!

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Synth YouTuber DivKid has released another episode of its SELF PATCHED video series, where he only uses a Eurorack module to generate sounds. This time he used the Befaco Rampage complex function generator that is inspired by Buchla/Serge’s ramp generator.

Also, this episode shows nicely what you can do with a module.

What Is Befaco Rampage?

The Rampage is Befaco’s approach to an old invention: the Serge/Buchla ramp generator. We took the idea of a “patch programmable” function generator/processor, put two units in the same module and expanded them with new functions and ways to combine them: Slope detectors, analogue logic functions and evolved outputs.

Rampage Applications

  • Voltage controlled Attack Decay envelope
  • Attack Sustain Release Envelope
  • More complex ADSR Style Envelope
  • Dual VCO. With Square, PWM, Saw, Log, Exp and Triangle shapes. Hard and soft sync
  • Gated VCO
  • VCO + Analog AND Gate (As ADTimbral VCA)
  • Dual Low Pass Filter
  • Dual Low pass Filter with VCO soft sync.
  • Low Pass Filter + AD Envelope
  • Dual “syncable” voltage controlled LFO with Square, PWM, Saw and Triangle shapes)
  • Complex LFO. Function combination.
  • CV controlled and “Ping-Pong” LFO.
  • Dual Slope detector. Distinguishes when an incoming signal (CV or audio) is rising or falling and generates gates in concordance.
  • Comparator. Send a gate when B IN is bigger than A IN
  • Polyrythmic gate generator. With both channels synced between each other, it generates several “complex rhythm” gates.
  • Voltage controlled Slew limiter with independent attack and decay control and continuous variable shape between Log, linear and expo.
  • Peak Voltage Follower. Max Out follows the maximum Level of the two inputs.
  • Minimum Voltage Follower. Min Out follow the minimum level of the two inputs
  • Envelope follower with an adjustable response for rising and falling flanks.
  • Voltage controlled Trigger Delay.
  • Burst Generator.

More information here: Befaco 

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