Native Instruments Released Massive X Synthesizer News!

Modular Architecture, Parameter Automation, Available In June!

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Last September, Native Instruments released Komplete 12 with a preview of the new Massive X wavetable Synthesizer. After that it became quiet. Today, there is news about Massive X. Unfortunately, the plugin will not come to the market in February (initial release date) but in June. What we know so far is that the engine is completely new developed and should have a modular architecture what give you a lot of new audio routing possibilities.

Another highlight will be up to 8 configurable modulators for advanced modulations as well as an automation-style modulation sequencer called Performers. There is not much information, but the pictures already give you a good feature overview. If a wavetable editor is included, no information yet. Massive X looks very interesting but a bit too much like another Reaktor synth in my opinion. Stay tuned for more information!

Native Instruments Massive X Synthesizer

What We Know So Far!

Massive X is an entirely new instrument, designed from the ground up, with a clear and streamlined interface

  • two wavetable oscillators with two phase modulators provide the main sound source while three additional syncable oscillators are available 
  • the new routing section offers a freely patchable audio routing matrix, and features a new feedback bus, audio rate filter modulation bus, the use of modulators as audio sources, and more. 
  • Create complex, dynamic modulation with ease using an amplitude envelope, plus eight configurable modulators
  • Massive X introduces Performers – automation-style modulation sequencers, with powerful grid and drawing tools
  • Enjoy personalized control with 16 freely assignable macros, pitch-bend, mod wheel and aftertouch for a total of 19 customized controllers.

Massive X Synthesizer 1 Massive X Synthesizer 2 Massive X Synthesizer 3

New Release Date

Back in September we announced that MASSIVE X would arrive in February. Unfortunately, when building such a complex instrument, things can take longer than expected, so we’ve taken the difficult decision to delay the release until June. When MASSIVE X arrives, we’re sure you’ll agree it’s been worth the wait. In the meantime, we’ll be releasing more details over the coming weeks, plus updates and inside info from the development team.

The Definitive Synth

  • Coming June 2019
  • From the creators of the original MASSIVE
  • The next generation synth platform

MASSIVE X will be available in June 2019. If you already own KOMPLETE 12, you’ll get MASSIVE X as a free download via Native Access. MASSIVE X is an addition to the MASSIVE family, and will exist side by side with the original instrument.

Check out the latest newsletter mail from Native Instruments, they are giving away to everyone a 50€ e-voucher to spend at the NI store. Not applicable on hardware, updates, upgrades or EDU software!

More information here: Native Instruments

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  1. Dammit I just upgraded to Komplete 12 in time to get to in Feb and now it’s June, just wasted a bunch of money I didn’t need to spend yet.

    • Massive X is free of charge for Komplete 12 users 😉 Don’t expect Komplete 13 before 2020 and a big sale for Christmas or so. So not a big problem to upgrade now 😉

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