Behringer CRAVE Synthesizer Is Semi-Modular Analog, Portable & Features A MIDI & CV Sequencer For $199!

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Last year, Behringer crashed the NAMM 2018 with the Neutron. This year with the CRAVE! It’s a new portable analog Synthesizer that features one 3340 VCO (found in the Neutron, Prophet 5…), a classic Moog ladder filter, an ADS envelope and LFO.

The more interesting part of this new mono synth is that it comes with a nice sequencer/arpeggiator that is known from the Odyssey or the MS-101 per example. It comes with 8 banks of 8 sequences with up to 32 steps long, a transpose feature, gate length, ratchet, glide time per step, sequencer reset, hold and more. Very rare to see but here included is that possibility to work with CV for the sequencer reset, hold, play, stop and tempo.

Behringer Crave

On top, you get 32 CV In/Outs for additional patching possibilities. Not yet confirmed but it looks like it’s possible to polychain an Crave with 16-voices.

Sound Demo

Behringer CRAVE is available soon for $199/149€ worldwide.

More information here: Behringer

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