Spectrasonics Updated Omnisphere Synthesizer Plugin To V.2.5.1d!

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Omnisphere 2.5.1d Synthesizer update features support for macOS Mojave, drag-and-drop audio import into the granular page, double-click envelope points & more!

At Superbooth 2018, Spectrasonics announced a major update for Omnisphere 2 Synthesizer with an amazing hardware integration. In summer, they released the free update 2.5 and now there is already the next significant update here. The new update features support for macOS Mojave, drag-and-drop audio import for the granular page as well as double-click to add points in the envelopes.

Beside this, it includes fixes and other improvements. This updates brings Omnisphere 2 again forward in the workflow and in the sound design options.

Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.5 Synthesizer


Omnisphere is the flagship synthesizer of Spectrasonics – an instrument of extraordinary power and versatility. Top Artists all over the world rely on Omnisphere as an essential source of sonic inspiration. This award-winning software brings many different types of synthesis together into one amazing-sounding instrument that will spark a lifetime of exploration.

New In Omnisphere 2.5.1d

  • Support for macos Mojave.
  • Enhancement: User Audio import by drag-and-drop into Granular page.
  • Enhancement: Add envelope point with a double-click.
  • Enhancement: Show indication of when a control is waiting for MIDI learn to complete.
  • Enhancement: Use mouse wheel to scroll over menus items.
  • Fixes broken Layer linking when Shared Signal Path is switched from “Shared” to “Normal”.
  • Fixes Publish Library action menu selection issue.
  • Fixes incorrect state of FX module On/Off when controlled via MIDI CC.
  • Fixes broken LFO Preset loading on Windows.
  • Fixes minor issue on background bitmap of Radio Delay effect.
  • Fixes rare crash caused by two rendering threads (host multi-core processing enabled) that share same SS and start same note at same time.
  • Fixes bug in Soundsource browser (layers C, D) where user could cause multi browser to appear.
  • Fixes issue in Mac installer where it would show “Waiting for volume to be inserted..” message incorrectly.
  • Fixes issue where using mod wheel to adjust sliders was not working correctly (Windows only).
  • Fixes crash in Mainstage related to highlighting controls to show modulation.
  • Fixes Arpeggiator sequence graphical issue when Arp Clock set to 1/1 Triplet.
  • Fixes EZ-phaser Mix slider parameter value display units wrong.
  • Fixes FM and Ring waveform graphics not updating when layer is sampled.
  • Fixes Smart Update: it now works when Mac users delete AU Plugin files.
  • Fixes envelope section’s yellow underline for SSP not visible immediately.
  • Fixes Browser highlight rectangle misalignment on Windows.
  • Fixes misaligned Arp Transpose text values.
  • Fixes Satellite instrument background graphics issue.
  • Updates Browser Settings background image.
  • Minor tweak to background bitmaps of Power Filter effect.

The update is available now for free for existing Omnisphere 2 users.

More information here: Spectrasonics

Available here: Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 

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