First Patch Video Series With Tatsuya Takahashi Gives You An Overview About Vintage Synthesizers!

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Tatsuya Takahashi, former KORG engineer teamed up with the Red Bull Music Academy and created a new video series about vintage Synthesizers!

We all love Synthesizers, right? Not only the Synthesizers are often known but also their iconic developers. For example, Bob Moog, Tom Oberheim or Dave Smith have shaped the Synthesizer world o the last decades. If you look at today’s modern Synthesizers to those of the big companies like KORG, Roland or Yamaha, it turns out something. Often the actual developers are not known anymore.

At KORG this was different until recently. For the Minilogue or Monologue Synthesizer was Tatsuya Takashi responsible, a developer who quickly became known in the scene. Unfortunately, he left KORG a year ago and started working on new projects.

He currently works mainly with the Red Bull Music Academy where he has, among other things, organized the 100 Synth Orchestra. His latest project is less special but nevertheless exciting for any Synthesizer lover.

With the RBMA crew, he created a new video series with the name “First Patch” where he explores iconic Synthesizers from the past. The topics are per example the legendary EMS VCS3, ARP Odyssey, ARP 2600, Moog Minimoog and more!

“First Patch – Everything you need to get started making music on electronic instruments in five minutes or less” The videos don’t go deep in the topic but give musicians a nice and well-presented overview of the most famous vintage Synthesizers.

More information here: Red Bull Music Academy 

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