Denise Audio Newest Compressor Plugin Features Continuous RMS-Time Control!

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The Denise New York Compressor is a straightforward NY-style compressor plugin for PC & Mac that offers continuous RMS-time control for the best results!

Denise Audio has announced the release of the second plugin. After the release of its Saturator plugin with a gentle touch, it’s time for a new New York style compressor plugin. It features modern technologies like continuous RMS-time control and everything built-in a easy-to-use interface.

New York compressor is a plugin that can make especially drum and percussion sounds more powerful. l.


Fine tune the rms of Denise’s NY compression to create maximum impact with that explosive, punchy sound you are looking for.

The Denise New York Compressor is a straightforward NY-style compressor for making percussive loops, beats and drums sound more powerful. Set to its default settings, you can quickly dial in the recognizable explosive and punchy sound associated with this particular style of compression. But the Denise New York Compressor has a trick up its sleeve: a continuous RMS-time control.

Usually, generic compressors only give you the choice between peak and RMS set to a fixed length of 30ms. However, having a continuous RMS-time control, allows you to easily fine tune the compression to create maximal impact. Together with its different timbre styles, vintage option and stereo linking, the Denise New York Compressor is a powerful tool to quickly give your mix that much sought-after explosive and punchy sound.

New York Compressor is available now for Windows and Mac ( VST/VST3 /AU) and costs 19€. A free trial version can be downloaded on the Denise Audio website.

More information here: Denise Audio

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