The Division Department 01/IV, Four Voice Analog Drum Synth Is Available Now

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The 01/IV is a super-compact, features 4-channels of analog drum synthesis with a quite unite concept. It includes four identical voice channels with the ability to create various types of drum sounds. Any channel can play a kick, cymbal, toms, congas, or even a bassline. The developers go in their design even further and allow you to combine channels. This means you can modulate each other in pairs (FM) or can be layered to form more sophisticated sounds.

The 01/IV does not want to be a clone of an old drum machine, but an instrument with which the sounds of the Pollard Syndrum, Roland TR 808/909, Pearl Syncussion SY-1… can be reproduced. Like its famous role models, it comes with a true analog path but adds a very flexible digital modulation system to it with a multi-function LFO, ramp and retrigger generator. So it pays tribute to these instruments from the past and tries not to imitate them by cloning the circuits etc.

Divison Department 01/IV

The 01/IV has no sequencer so it can not be seen as a drum machine. It’s a drum synth, however, all four channels can be triggered by MIDI, so it can relatively quick work as a drum machine using a Beatstep Pro from Arturia. Too bad but true, it offers only MIDI no gate/trigger inputs. Perfect Circuits recently released a sound demo on YouTube which gives us the information that units hit the shops. At PS, the 01/IV is already on stock, at SchneidersLaden it will be available very soon.

Key Features

  • 60-panel controls: Knobs – Switches – Triggers Buttons
  • 4 Voices – Chromatic via midi
  • Drone Mode
  • Midi note triggers and partial Midi CC controls
  • Mix / Individual outputs
  • Compact size / Lightweight

The Division Department 01/IV is available now for $535.00 USD (excl. taxes) from the official websites and retailers.

More information here: The Division Department

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