Behringer RD-808 Drum Machine Will Get More Features Like Bass Drum Tuning!

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The Behringer RD-808 drum machine will get user-requested features like bass drum tuning but there are no news about the official release date/price!

After the big headlines it was quiet for some time around Behringer topics. Now there is a news available about the RD-808 analog drum machine. Uli Behringer announced at the Gearslutz forum that the RD-808 will get more user-requested features. One of these is a tuneable bass drum. Other new features are not known at this point. Also he said that these new features will delay the project for a few months.

What Uli Behringer Said On Gearslutz

When we introduced the drum machine at super booth, people requested more features such as bass drum tuning etc. As usual we listened and added these features, however I also mentioned in this thread that this will delay the project for a few months. Thanks for your patience. Uli.

Source: Gearslutz Forum

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