Sonification Tools, new M4L devices turn raw data into effects, modulation, and more

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Sonification Tools is a new trio of M4L devices from Manifest Audio turning raw data into wild effects, modulation signals, audio, and more.

Max is a powerful multimedia graphic programming platform for audio, MIDI, and graphics applications. Also available is a built-in version of Ableton Live called Max For Live. There are a huge number of exciting devices that are available for free and commercially.

Often with experimental ideas that are not found in plugins. Manifest Audio has published one of these unique devices with their new Sonification Tools bundle. With the new devices, you can bring raw data with music creation together. 

Sonification Tools


The new Sonification Tools bundle features three new creative Max For Live devices designed by Ableton Certified Trainer Noah Pred. They are not classic M4L devices but are very experimental and explore new areas.

Manifest Audio offers a set of M4L devices to transform raw data into various audio functions. A crazy idea that can produce exciting results. The devices are not complicated to use. You don’t have to code, just find raw data and put it in the devices. There are three different function-specific M4l devices.

Data MIDI turns your raw data into inspiring MIDI patterns, Data MOD outputs modulation sequences, and Data FX unique effects. They can range from spectral filtration, wave folding distortion, and impulse convolution up to audio waveforms.

Data can be typed in manually, randomly generated, or copied and pasted from any text, website, Google Sheets, CSV, Excel file… So basically anywhere to embody a string of numbers as they change over time.

Once done, you can then select and loop the data as you like with the lowest data value automatically corresponding to your lowest allowed output, and the highest data point automatically corresponding to your specified upper output limit. You can also manipulate in the data to audio process with various parameters. 

In Practise

Data MIDI and Data Mod allow you to trigger data at any factored or fractional metrical base rate with optional cycle reset for a wide variety of rhythmic patterns. Offset delay and swing further enhance MIDI output timing. You can also trigger data at a millisecond rate for more abstracted results, or via arbitrary note input.

A variety of trigger modes allow you to engage with Data MIDI’s output in a variety of ways, all of which can be constrained via 69 scales in any key, set locally or via the included Global Hub utility.

Better yet, you can expand or contract the range of data pitch, velocity, or length output in real time to dynamically express the data in highly musical ways. Data MIDI and Data Mod can also be Gated to only output MIDI above or below a certain threshold for more rhythmically complex output.

First Impression

A very wild and unusual set of Max For Live devices. If you want to create sounds, modulations, or even melodies differently and more experimental, this trio could be exciting for you.

Sonification Tools by Manifest Audio is available now for an introductory price of 50€ instead of 70€. It requires Ableton Live 10.1+ Suite or Ableton Live 10.1+ and a license of Max For Live. 

More information here: Manifest Audio

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