WWDC 2018 News: Apple Introduced Free Trials For iOS Apps!

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Apple yesterday announced new App Store Guidelines that brings free-time-based trial periods for all iOS apps!

We have known the scenario on the plugin market for some time now. If you are interested in a plugin, you download a free demo version and try it out on your system. This has mostly all function but is only time limited. So far this has not been possible on the iOS market. One can only buy the app and if it doesn’t work properly, Apple can refund the money. Some developers released in the last months also free versions of their apps with the possibility to upgrade via in-app purchase to the full version.

But now there is a change that may change the iOS market! Apple yesterday announced at WWDC 2018 an update for their App Store Guidelines, which brings trials for all apps to the iOS platform. In the modified 3.1.1 rule in the guidelines, you can find now that developers are now allowed to offer a free-time-based trial period using no-cost-in-app purchase options that will temporarily unlock app functionalities.

Try Before Buying

Although not a must for app developer but many users would welcome this change with open arms. What will change for iOS musicians when many developers decide to do so? For excellent apps, not a lot but for less good a lot. Above all, the app purchase process will be extended by another instance: testing before buying. Here it can then be found out which apps you really need, how good they are and if they worth the money. The quick impulse purchase by principle: I buy now an app for a few €/$ would for course go back.

How Will The Developers React?

It is clear that this new feature is not a must for app companies but only a feature that can be added. Whether a developer wants to take these steps is up to him. Personally, I would be very happy if apps that cost over $10 USD have a trial. With music apps like Auria Pro or Cubasis, I see the need of a free-time-based trial because they have a price that is on a desktop level where trials are normal.

It will also be exciting to see if apps sell better or worse when trials are offered. Personally, I think apps with a good quality continue to be sold well and inferior apps will not get a trial. So users would quickly find out how bad they really are. In summary, it will be interesting to see which impact this will have on the iOS music app market.

More information here: Apple Guidelines

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