Hardware & Software Synthesizer Sampling With Mainstage’s Auto-Sampler (Tutorial)

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Hardware and software instruments (AudioUnits) sampling has never been so easy as with Mainstage’s Auto-Sampler. In these two tutorial videos you can find out how it works!

Sampling hardware or software instruments is a hard task. Single notes have to be sampled, different velocities etc. This can take a lot of time. A company called Redmatica had developed a clever tool a few years ago that would allow to simply sample instruments. The whole worked like a robot. A few years later, Apple came and took over the company with the development team. For some time now, this unique software is only available under the name Auto-Sampler in Mainstage 3 or macOS.

With a few clicks, you can sample hardware and software instruments in the depth you like directly in Mainstage 3. You only need instruments that responds to MIDI. The whole this is not witchcraft but a very simple process. Choose your audio source, choose additional parameters like sample region, velocity, loop point etc. and than sample it. To give you an overview how simple this process is, I created two videos that shows hardware and software Synthesizer sampling with the help of different instruments.

Hardware Synthesizer Sampling

In the first tutorial, you get an overview how you can sample hardware Synthesizers. In this example, I used the KORG Monologue as a sound source.

Software Synthesizer (AudioUnits) Sampling

In the second tutorial, I demonstrate you how you can sample software instruments like Synthesizers. This sampling process is only possible with Mainstage’s internal plugins or with AudioUnits (AU). Unfortunately, Mainstage doesn’t support VST plugins for macOS.

As you can see, the sampling process is very simple but in the same time a very powerful sound design tool. In a few clicks, you can create big sampled instruments using your favourite plugins. What many don’t know, Auto-Sampler is only available in Mainstage 3, which you can buy for only $29.99 USD in the Mac App Store. If you have a Mac system and you love sampling, this tool is pretty sure a must have!

Available here:  Mainstage 3 

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  1. Thanks for the tip. I liked to use the redmatica tools. Unfortunately, the tools on the current mac os systems no longer work. Pity that the autosampler has not found the way in logic. but the $ 30 is worth it!

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