Synth Drums Features 5900 Drum Samples From Vintage Synthesizers For Only $1 USD

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With the help of 10 iconic vintage Synthesizers, 5930 drum samples where designed that can all be found in the Synth Drum library by Wave Alchemy. Until June 26th, the library is available for just $1 USD.

If you remember, Wave Alchemy had a no-brainer deal during Christmas 2016 on their Synth Drums library. Now there are good news, the deal is back! Also now, you can buy this amazing drum sample library for only $1 USD (98% OFF). It features 5930 samples, all arranged in different categories and pre-mapped for Ableton Live, Battery 3, HALion, Kong, Kontakt, NNXT & SFZ.

Synth Drums was made with the help of 10 iconic vintage Synthesizers: Roland Jupiter 8, Roland Sytem-100 (101, 102, 104), Prophet 5, …). If you want a good range of drum samples based on old synths than don’t miss this deal!


Ten Vintage synthesizers expertly programmed to create a ground-breaking Drum Library, our most comprehensive and intricately designed to date. Incorporating all-time classic analogue machines with modern High-End processing hardware and production techniques…

Introducing Synth Drums, offering over 5900 cutting edge, totally unique drum samples and percussive hits, each carefully crafted by hand, on a sound-by-sound basis.


  • 973 MB content, 24-bit quality.
  • 5,930 Samples.
  • 2,714 Processed Drum Sounds.
  • 1,398 Special Processed Drum Sounds.
  • 1,818 Unprocessed Drum Sounds.
  • 105 Soft Sampler Kits for Halion, Kontakt, NNXT & SFZ.
  • 102 Battery 3 Kits.
  • 51 Kong Kits.
  • Ableton Live 9 Pack contains 51 pre-mapped drum racks for Ableton live 9, carefully mapped with full Push compatibility. Includes 46 ‘modular’ drum racks.

Wave Alchemy Synth Drums is now on sale for only $1 USD until June 26th, 2018.

Available here: Synth Drums

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