Add Analog Character To Your Sounds With Color By Max For Cats

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Max For Cat’s Color for Ableton Max For Live brings the characterful analog crackles from vinyl and tape to your digital recordings

Sonic Bloom and Max For Cats announced today a new Max For Live effect processor for Live 10. Color, developed by Christian Kleine is a M4L device that allows you add the crackles & noise of analog recordings to your DAW. It’s designe


Add different types of vinyl noises, hiss, drive and wobble to your music. Perfect on drums, synths, keys, and full mixes of every musical genre. Color’s filter effects also fit right into the most modern club track.

No matter if your music needs just a touch of drift and movement with a hint of saturation or if you want to mangle signals almost beyond recognition, Color is at your fingertips with a simple yet powerful control set. Color works with live input or prerecorded audio and is easy on the CPU. For full control over the sound, the colouring sections Vinyl, Wobble, Phase, Drive and EQ can be activated individually, while Dry/Wet blends the original signal with the coloured one.

Vinyl lets you add different types of vinyl noise and hiss. Wobble simulates tape fluctuations and flutter effects of of old tape machines. Phase lets your alter the phase of the incoming audio while Drive distorts in a raw analogue way. A 3 band EQ with parametric mid section helps to shape the signal while an additional gain staging is available at the output.

Color features

  • Vinyl: Different types of vinyl noise can be added and adjusted in volume and tonality (pitch). Add also hiss in this section (a classic tape noise). The Duck switch allows to make the adjusted noises only audible when music passes through the device.
  • Wobble: Simulate tape fluctuations and tape flutter effects. This reproduces the mechanical characteristics of old tape machines.
  • Phase: Align/misalign the phase of the signal.
  • Drive: Add raw distortion. Soft switches to a slightly more mellow distortion type. Limiter prevents the signal from overshooting, when activated.
  • EQ: A powerful 3-band EQ, fully parametric with adjustable Mid-Q.
  • Output: An additional Post-Gain allows for gain staging your signal before it leaves the output while Dry/Wet lets you adjust the overall effect signal.
  • Self-installing Live Pack with integrated lesson in Live’s Help section.
  • 19 Presets included.
  • Live 10 or higher and Max for Live 8 required.

Color Max For Cats is now available for 20€ / $25 USD.

More information here: Sonic Bloom

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