Dreadbox’s Epsilon Analog Filter & Envelope Effect Pedal Is Back In A Limited Edition

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Epsilon is a true sound design oriented analog filter & envelope effect pedal by Dreadbox that is now back in a limited edition.

Dreadbox announced today that their beloved Epsilon  effect pedal is back. It’s a analog filter & envelope effect pedal specially not only designed for guitars but also for electronic music instruments (Synthesizer, drum machine…). It features an analog 2-pole state variable filter with lowpass & bandpass modes, an envelope generator with a LFO functionality as well as many CV connectivities.

Epsilon is back now and limited to only 150 units. If you search a simple but powerful analog filter pedal, than check out Epsilon by Dreadbox!


  • 2-Pole State Variable Filter
    Low Pass & Band Pass
  • AR Envelope Generator
  • Envelope can be used as an LFO
  • Signal to Gate Converter
  • Manual Gate Trigger
  • 2 Gain options (Low – High)
  • 4 patch points
    VCF In
    Envelope Out
    Gate In
    Gate Out
  • True Bypass

Additional Informations

  • 9V DC center pin negative 2,1 mm Boss style (not included)
  • Accepts Inputs up to Line Level
  • VCF Input expects 0-5V, but can accept up to +/- 5V
  • Envelope Out sends 0-6,5V
  • Gate Out sends 0-5V pulse
  • Gate In expects 0-5V pulse, but can work up to 0-10V
  • 15 x 11.5 x 6 cm
  • 0.57 kg

Dreadbox Epsilon is now available for 239€ in limited quantities (150) from the Dreadbox web shop.

More information here: Dreadbox 

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