Roland Will Expand Their AIRA Product Line On Monday

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It’s been a while since Roland introduced new products in its AIRA line up. Nothing was presented at the last SuperBooth or at this year’s NAMM show. But that is mainly because Roland announces big new products online and no more on fairs (System-8, Boutique Synthesizers…). Same for next week Monday

Roland today posted a teaser video on Facebook of a new product. You can not recognise much yet but what you can say it will have sliders. If we can trust the music of the video, it will become a new drum machine or even a sampler.

What is certain, the Roland AIRA team will introduce something new on Monday, 8:00 GMT.

What Could It Be?

Since there are one or more new announcements in the AIRA world, it’s possible to bring a TR-8 MK2 to the market with new features like sampling, new interface and where all the drum machine ACB models are directly integrated. Also, a new version of the System-1 would be possible with more features and a better keyboard (the key-bed on the System-1 was horrible, sorry Roland).

Or will Roland finally fulfils the wish of many musicians and bring a well-operated sampler to market with Step Sequencer etc. Well, nothing is confirmed, these are only my personal thoughts on this topic.

We will see it on Monday (03.05.2018 8.00 GMT) in the Roland Live Stream.

More information here: Roland AIRA 

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