SUPERBOOTH 2018 Preview: U-he Goes Eurorack

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It’s true! U-he, the plugin developer from Berlin is breaking new grounds. Urs Heckmann, the CEO of the company posted today a teaser photo on Facebook and Twitter. Urs confirms that u-he will be entering into the world of Eurorack Synthesizers.

U-he Goes Hardware

It will certainly be exciting what U-he will introduce. I’m sure that they don’t bring any normal module to the market. That would not suit to the company. I assume that we will see modules that are on the one hand powerful but also very clever designed. Analog or digital is another question that can be only answered on the SUPERBOOTH. I would not be surprised if they combine the advantages of analog and digital technology in their module lineup.

For a long time, the company has proven that they are masters in this field with their excellent software synthesizers and effects. This was also shown by my recent review of the Repro-5 Synthesizer. We will see on SUPERBOOTH 2018 what they will announce.

Update: Urs wrote in one of the Eurorack group that the module goes in the same direction as a Ornament and Crime module (polymorphic cv generator)

More information here: U-he 


  1. I guess one difference to O&C is that this module takes 24bit/96kHz audio I/O as well, which makes it lend itself to completely different use cases. I have never used O&C but I know some of its applications, so I really don’t know how much of overlap there is.

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