The New SE-02 Midi Controller / Editor Gives You Access To All Parameters & Cost Only 6€

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Last year, the Roland SE-02 analog Boutique Synthesizer was a big surprise for many. His sound is excellent but only his interface is too small for many musicians. To remedy this, Momo Müller, released today the SE-02 Midi Controller/editor which gives you full access to the controller of the SE-02 interface and but to the hidden parameters.

Beside the more normal features for a editor (control parameters, save presets), it features also two XY pads which can mapped to different parameters. This gives you more options to play around with your SE-02. Not to forget, this new affordable editor is a VST/AU plugin and standalone application that simply the workflow between your computer and the synth.


The “SE-02 Midi Controller / Editor”. The controller for the  Roland Boutique Synth SE-02. It is possible as VST and Standalone for PC 32/64 Bit and Mac as VST, AU and Standalone. The „SE-02“ parameters can be automated, they can be stored in your Project. You can safe your sound on the SE-02 Synth or as  VST Presets (..fxp) in the DAW. The editor gives you  access to the controller on the SE-02 interface, and also direct access to hidden parameters.

With the X-Y-Pad any controller can be selected and controlled.

The Momo Müller Roland SE-02 Midi Editor/Controller is now available for VST/AU/Standalone for just 5.90€

More information here: SE-02 Midi Editor 

Available here: Roland SE-02 Synthesizer 

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