Erica Synths Fusionbox Review – An Analog Stompbox For Deep & Dirty Effects

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Final verdict & summary

The test time with the Erica Synths Fusionbox comes to an end and could now play with this device more than one month.

I must first admit that it’s difficult to position the device in a effect area. The Fusionbox is a compact, full-featured and excellent sound multi-effect unit. On the paper, it’s a multi-effect but in reality, it’s a complete new typ of effect unit that can do more than just offer multiple single effects. If you want to buy this unit because you want only a delay and/or chorus than I recommend not to but it. Since the features work very closely together and are not separated as in most multi-effect devices for example, it’s harder to use this device as a single delay or chorus per example. As the name of the device says, it’s a fusionbox that merge several effects together and offers so new ways to design sounds. But this fusion makes the devices in my opinion so exciting. It does not try to emulate a sound but you can see it as real new effect device that was not there yet.


It can very well produce delay, chorus and flanger effects but that’s not all. The possibility to design a vintage ensemble effects with the Fusionbox is great because this gives every synth even affordable analog instruments much more charm and character. It can be used as a classic effect device but can also be seen as a sound enrichment machine. With this rich analog engine behind, it can create many new sounds and add new rich textures to existing sounds.

On the whole, I liked the sound and the possibilities of the Fusionbox well. It may not be the best effects device for every musician since the character of this, is very own and unique. For me, it’s difficult to compare this stompbox with other available devices because I don’t know any other like this one. The street price of 525€ is my opinion somewhat too high, I would wish that it would be under 500€. Other small criticisms are that you have only one mono input. A stereo input (2x mono) would certainly be more interesting at this price point, an LFO on/off slider is missing me (but not very important) and a longer cable of the PSU. The cable is certainly quickly replaceable by a longer or your can extend it yourself.

In short, the Erica Synths Fusionbox is a unique, fully analog stompbox which which you can make more than bread-and-butter delay, chorus or drive sounds. The fusion of different effects gives the device the interesting kick. More sound demos, you find also in my video review just below.

More informations here: Erica Synths Fusionbox 

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