Tangerine Dream’s New Single Tear Down The Gray Skies Celebrates Debut & Last Chance To Pre-Order The New Album

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If one connects electronic music with the 70s, one quickly gets to the German band Tangerine Dream. They can be recognized quickly by their fat and own sound. After the death of Edgar Froese in 2015, many fans asked themselves how to go on with the band without the mastermind. The journey into new sound worlds continues fortunately. After the band released a promising EP “Quantum Key” last year already, the first album will be released at the end of September.

On Friday, the band released the first single Tear Down The Gray Skies from the new album Quantum Gate, which in my opinion already sounds very good. She does not bring Tangerine Dream back to the old times but does not change the soul of the sound for which the band became known. This single shows already in which direction it goes. The band rejuvenate the traditional TD sound and made it more modern und suitable for 2017. I personally like it already and I’m curious how the complete album will be.

A special goodie is available for pre-buyers of the new CD or Vinly. Those who pre-order them through the ongoing PledgeMusic campaign, will get signed by the whole band.

More informations here: Tangerine Dream Quantum Gate Pledge Music 

Available here for digital pre-order: Tangerine Dream Quantum Gate


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