Endorphin.es Updated The Shuttle Control Firmware To V.3.6 – Elektron Digitakt Support, Velocity Trigger & More

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The Barcelona based Eurorack company Endorphin.es released today an important firmware update for their excellent Shuttle Control. For all who don’t know, the Shuttle Control is great freely configurable converter from USB-MIDI to CV/gate/clock with 16 outputs. Biggest advantage here is that you can use any midi controller (hardware, software, apps) to control your modular system and on top you can use it also as excellent utility tool to connect your Eurorack system to your PC and Mac. Another cool feature is the onboard power supply with which you can power several modules.

The developers fixed in the new firmware update 3.6 many bugs and introduced several cool additions. Per example, you can use now the new Elektron Digitakt drum machine/sampler and all iConnectivity interfaces with the new Shuttle Control firmware. Check below for the complete change log.

What’s new in the firmware v.3.6 

  • Fixed auto-legato (thanks Iftah Gabbai for hint)
  • Fixed pitch CV calibrator and webMIDI editor (bugs occured probably because browser’s new security updates. In case you experience long presets upload response with Chrome (under Windows 10), then enable that option: chrome://flags/#enable-midimanager-dynamic-instantiation. If you experience Chrome hanging, we advice to close webMIDI browser tab earlier than switching off Shuttle Control from your computer.
  • 1v/oct pitch CV merged with pitch bender of +/-2 semitones range added
  • New pitch bender ranges (+/-2 semitones and +/-2 octaves (48 semitones) instead +/-2.5V, 0…+5V and inverted -5…0V unipolar(thanks Iftah Gabbai)
  • AD envelope fixed (attack is finished to the end during note off) and sustain pedal works properly with ASR envelope
  • All envelopes have expo-curves and apply velocity amplitude via velocity checkbox added (thanks James Holden for hint)
  • Elektron Digitrakt compatibility (thanks to Andrew Ostler from Expert Sleepers for hint and Hemi C. for testing)
  • Sine wave oscillator that follows MIDI notes (thanks Iftah Gabbai). Two generators with root A at 440 hz and 432 hz added
  • Added velocity trigger/gates based on voices (thanks Benjamin Kilchhofer). Before were only based on certain note only
  • All polyphonic voices allocation rewritten. Now with ‘keep voices’ checkbox voices rotate each time the polyphony pressed is more than amount of allocated CV voices
  • All iConnect+ devices compatibility is confirmed, just on every startup (interface + computer power-up) one have to load every MIDI/USBMIDI device in iConnect’s control panel (thanks Ove Holmqvist for test)
  • MIDI clock reserved CC values #12 (divider), #13 (random distribution) and #48 (shuffle) are accepted exclusively from MIDI Channel 10. That is made to avoid issues with other devices, e.g. Octatrak whose CC#48 mapped on crossfader slider (thanks Leonardo Mirabal for hint)
  • Checkbox added to disable Program change (presets switch) in Shuttle Control for a certain preset. If checkbox is enabled, then from that preset is impossible to switch to another preset or make preset dump (thanks Hemi C.)

Here is a good overview of the new features 

More informations here: Endorphin.es Shuttle Control

Available here: Endorphin.es Shuttle Control

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