SynthScaper For iOS Preview: The Perfect Synthesizer For Creating Space Odyssey Like Soundscapes

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As if we did not have enough new Synthesizers for iOS today (Ripplemaker…), Igor Vasiliev published a great preview of this new app Synthscaper, which will be released in the coming weeks.

What we already now about Synthscaper for iOS
  • Soundscape Synthesizer – specially design for creating and experiments with ambient soundscapes
  • Three sample-based oscillators in common sound space with spatial mixer
  • Three layers in each oscillator with different samples, six voices in each layer
  • A lot of tweaking parameters
  • Six envelope generators and LFO’s for key parameters of oscillators and filters
  • Built-in library with samples of actual instruments, noises, loops, etc.
  • Possible to download and autotune samples
  • Three slots in series or parallel for different filters after each oscillator
  • Up to two virtual and two MIDI keyboards, very flexible assigning keyboards and modifiers for oscillators
  • Separate arpeggiator for each oscillator
  • Split virtual keyboard and full screen double keyboard
  • Scales, velocity, pitch and continuous mode for virtual keyboards
  • iPad and iPhone support

Looking forward for this new Synthesizer by Igor Vasiliev. It will be for sure an amazing instrument for creating space oriented ambient soundscapes.

Here is the official preview video

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