Bram Bos Ripplemaker Is Out: A New West Coast Flavoured Modular Synthesizer For iOS & Sound Demo

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Have you ever wanted a West Coast oriented Synthesizer for iOS that simply takes a different direction than all other available classic synths? This which has come true today because Bram Bos, known for the Troublemaker 303 app, has introduced the Ripplemaker, an easy-to-use West-Coast oriented Synthesizer for iPhone and iPad.

Unlike classic analog Synthesizer with the Bob Moog thinking inside, a typical West Coast synth features modules such as a complex oscillator with a very deep features, lowpass gate or a slope generator. The difference becomes much clearer when you observe that this Synth doesn’t feature a classical filter but a low pass gate. Also the mathematical utilities inside Ripplemaker also to go deeper in a experimental thinking.

If you always want a Synthesizer with a buchla-like architecture but in simple than you can not miss the new Ripplemaker Synth by Bram Bros.

Ripplemaker: a West Coast flavored modular synth
The freedom and versatility of a modular synth in a stylish mobile package. In typical West Coast fashion the available modules, such as complex oscillator, lowpass gate, FM, mathematical utilities and slope generator, are designed for exploration and experimentation. The virtual patch cables will let you take your sound wherever you want to take it, from morphing basslines to evolving generative drones.

A modular playground
Even if you’re not familiar with modulars, wavefolders or control voltages you can dive right in, because all modules are prewired; offering a powerful monosynth without using a single cable. Then whip out the virtual cables and start patching. Ripplemaker is designed for fun – big enough to lose yourself into, yet intuitive enough to not get lost.

Standalone sequencer goodness
Sometimes you want to get away from your DAW and just play. That’s why Ripplemaker, beside being an AU plugin, also comes with a standalone sequencer app that helps you get creative. It has a random pattern generator with scale locks, a realtime probability-based mutation engine and it syncs with your other apps and hardware via Ableton Link, MIDI Clock or Audiobus 3 MIDI.
Connectivity beyond cables

Obviously in a modular synth it’s all about cables. But Ripplemaker takes connectivity to the next level:

  • AUv3 (Audio Unit) Plugin Extension
  • Universal design (works on iPad 4+, iPhone 5S+, iPod Touch 6G+)
  • CoreMIDI, Virtual MIDI, Bluetooth MIDI,
  • Audiobus 3, including AB3 MIDI IN+OUT and State Saving
  • Ableton Link
  • MIDI Clock Sync
  • WAV export, MIDI file export, AU preset export
  • Ready for iOS11 Files access
For a better overview, here the sound demo of the new Bram Bros Ripplemaker Synthesizer

A full review with plenty new sounds is coming later.

Ripplemaker is now available for purchase from the iTunes App Store for $8.99 USD.

Available here: Ripplemaker Synthesizer for iPhone and iPad

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