miniMO Module Synthesizer Released – It’s Not Just A Simple 8-bit Synth

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I’m always happy to write about new mini Synthesizers that can create complex timbres. Today, Jose Gonzalez announced the miniMO,  a new 8-bit modular Synthesizer that features an open source architecture and an open hardware. It’s very small and includes only one button to press and one knob to turn. The miniMO will be available in two different versions: a PCB-based version & a 3D-printed version, where everything is printed except for the components, including the breadboard. You don’t need soldering skills. Check below all informations about this new mini Synthesizer.

miniMO is an 8-bit synthesizer Modular synth built around the ATtiny85 processor, a relative of the popular Arduino. All miniMOs are identical; you load them with different programs according to the system you want to make. If you have three modules, you can program them to be three oscillators, or two oscillators and a filter, or a sequencer, an oscillator and an envelope generator, or any other configuration that suits your fancy.

miniMO takes power either from a single CR2032 cell battery or from an external source up to 5V; you can switch sources via a handy long jumper that doubles as an ON/OFF switch if you’re only using one. By default the processor runs at 8MHz, which is the recommended speed for battery powered operation, but it can be changed in software to run at 16MHz.
You can program a miniMO with an ISP programmer, or very easily using an Arduino. Your purchase includes a header that makes plugging miniMO to an Arduino a breeze, and once the miniMO is connected, you can use and reprogram it on the fly. To make the most of miniMO, we recommend having an Arduino UNO or similar, but we sell all the modules with the processor already programmed so that you can start having fun right away!

The modules make the most of the ATtiny, including a potentiometer and push button as inputs, a LED for visual output, and four configurable ports:
  • Ports 1 and 2 are identical outputs with PWM
  • Port 3 is an analog input which (always) modulates the potentiometer
  • Port 4 is usually an analog input, but can also work as a digital output
miniMO comes either as an easy-to-solder kit or assembled and ready to go.


  • ATtiny85 processor with 8K flash, 512 bytes of SRAM and 512 bytes of EEPROM
  • Runs at 8MHz (configurable)
  • Powered with cell battery or an external source, from 3 up to 5V
  • Four configurable external I/O ports
  • Programmable via ISP, compatible with Arduino IDE
  • Size: 38x40x30.5 mm (assembled)
  • RoHS PCB and components/Lead-free solder (when ordered assembled)
  • Mounting holes for legs or covers (or a keychain!

miniMO Synthesizer is available now for 12,36€ (Kit) or assembled for 20,62€ (shipping included) from their official website. The complete code, designs and parts are available for free. 
More informations here: miniMO Module

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