Superbooth 2017: A Prophet 5 from U-he (REPRO-5) is coming soon & Zebra 2.8 Update

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I’m back from Superbooth 2017 and sorry for not updating the website. There was to much work for editing the videos and to release them. During this event, the friends of U-he announced the REPRO-5, a Prophet 5 emulation for PC and Mac. It comes with an excellent designed GUI and includes the same high-quality engine as the little brother REPRO-1. Good news also for users of REPRO-1 who get a very low special upgrade price. This is due because the company will release a package with both plugins included and so current users can upgrade for a very fair price. An official release date is not yet announced but it will coming very soon.

Beside the news of the REPRO-5, Urs Heckmann announced the upcoming Zebra 2.8 Synthesizer update with a new improved interface design and several new features. In my opinion, if you compare this new version with the current available one, it’s a massive improvement how you can work with it. I’m very happy that they work so hard on this to make it even better in a free upgrade. 

Check out here my video from Superbooth 2017 about the new U-he REPRO-5 and Zebra 2.8 Update. Don’t forget to subscribe the Synth Anatomy video channel for more future videos. Many thanks in advance.

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