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Do you want to join the dark side of Synthesizers? If yes, Waverazor is a very interesting new synth plugin which allows to create aggressive sounds. With a complete new synthesis technology behind this plugin, the development team try offer new possibilities of sound design. I got back at NAMM a very first demonstration and I was very surprised how different timbres Waverazor can produced. The good news are that Waverazor is now available and it cost only 75$ at the moment which includes big major updates in future because the current version is not complete with all sound design possibilities. If you join now, you receive constant updates with new features. A really interesting new affordable synth plugin with different sound characteristics than standard virtual analog synths.

SEATTLE, WA (April 24, 2017) – Tracktion Corporation has just released the MOK Waverazor—an ultra-futuristic virtual synth that splices waveforms into twisted and aggressive new sounds. The patent-pending oscillator design represents a new approach to synthesis, and enables musicians to easily create biting leads, glitched-out basses, cinematic pads and everything in between.
“Electronic music producers are constantly looking for new sounds to drive their creativity,” said Taiho Yamada, co-founder and VP of Product at MOK. “With Waverazor, we wanted to introduce a new form of synthesis that could generate never-before-heard sounds. Thanks to our innovations in oscillator technology, Waverazor produces wildly futuristic sounds that will impress even the most experienced synthesists. It continues to surprise me every time I use it.”

Waverazor’s oscillators slice up familiar waveforms and recombines them into multi-segment “Frankenstein” waveforms that provide the foundation for endless sonic exploration. Each segment can have different harmonic content, with individual harmonics subject to amplitude modulation at a rate and level determined by the contents of each wave fraction. Instead of simply modulating the entire waveform on and off, the oscillator modulates harmonics to different levels in a sequenced pattern. Furthermore, since each wave cycle is divided into fractional splices and phase is controlled per segment, multiple simultaneous hard sync points can be set up per cycle and even beyond a single cycle.

Waverazor’s visually striking interface offers a unique approach to sound design, with a central oscilloscope that enables precise waveform creation. Two X/Y performance controllers modulate a combination of slice parameters, while additional knobs make it possible to morph multiple parameters at once. Waverazor is compatible with AU and VST on Mac and PC. AAX and Linux support is coming soon.

Waverazor is the first product from MOK, a new company formed by the designers of acclaimed synths like Andromeda, Quadrasynth, QS Series, Ion, Micron, Fusion, Venom and BioTek. MOK debuted at Winter NAMM 2017 in partnership with Tracktion Corporation. Tracktion’s new “Tracktion Presents” initiative provides exclusive global marketing and distribution services for promising audio technology startups.

Waverazor is now available for limited time for an introductory price of $75 (regular $150). For more information, several tutorial videos and a trial version, please check the official website of Tracktion. 

Available here: Waverazor

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