Create Unusual Vocal Instruments With The New Blinksonic VOZ° – Virtual Vocalist Generator for Reaktor 6

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Blinksonic, a Reaktor ensemble developer released this week a very special product to create unusual vocal sounds. VOZ° works in a new way and is not really comparable with other vocal processing plugin or ensemble. They use for this Reaktor instrument-effect the formants of the human vocal as an oscillation source inside an sampling tool. Sounds very promising and different than other music production. For me, this product shows beautiful again that some developers try to create very special instruments which allows musicians and sound designer new timbres for tracks. I love this kind of products due of the possibilities to create new sonic timbres. 

The instrument concept What about using human vocal formant as an oscillation source inside an enhanced sampling tool ?
VOZ° is an instrument which synthesizes a real singer from a list of vocal articulations samples.This original concept rests on a complete sampling engine which enables the creation of multi layer evolved voice combinations. From choirs pads introduction, backing vocals, rising screams, funky hits, experimental sound fx, to playable vocal parts…

VOZ° explores various aspects on how vocal sound material can be operated in a virtual instrument and allows to inject a dose of human soul in modern electronic composition. 
Features & Specifications
  • 1520 raw audio files (around 600 Mo on disk)
  • 100 snapshots
  • 4 sampler engines with granular loop functions (Start/End points, Sustain loop Start/End points)
  • Drop your own wave files*
  • Pitch, Fine tuning parameters*
  • Reverse sample playback*
  • Polyphonic or Monophonic switch* 
  • ADSR enveloppe*
  • Selectors for the 16 banks of 99 samples*
  • Random trigger mode with definable minimum and maximum range*
  • Filter with 4 types (Lowpass, Bandpass, Highpass, Notch)
  • Stereo imager with a switchable Autopan/Tremolo*
  • Compressor*
  • Loop control modulation. Enable the movement of the Start/End loop points over the waveform following modulation sources*
  • On each sampler engines.
  • 10 effects : Pitchshifter, Ring Modulator, Vowel, Overdrive, Phaser, Freq modulation, Chorus, Bit Reducer, Delay and Reverb. 
  • A minimum of 2 parameters for each effects and the ability to receive external modulations.
  • Uno FX mode : Crossfade the main audio signal through one effect at time.
  • 4 tracks mixer with send effect buses and mute buttons
  • 4 voices pad crossfader (XY movement loop recorder)
  • 3 band equalizer
  • Limiter
  • 2 LFOs with expressive options ( dose, random, x/speed for creating wobble modulation effects )
  • XY modulation pad recorder
  • Switch to external Modwheel modulation sources
  • Virtual touch keyboards for playing notes with the cursor (glissando mode) 
  • Latch/Hold button.
  • Keyboard note range selector
  • Root note and scale selector
  • Midi note loop recorder ( for recording sketches and melodic phrases ideas)
  • Modern graphic interface with a blurry color scope.
  • NKS support
Blinksonic VOZ° Virtual Vocalist Generator for Native Instruments Reaktor 6 is now available for 89€ from their webstore. 

More informations here: Blinksonic

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