MoMinstruments fluXpad v.1.0.8 released: Support for variable sequence length

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MoMinstruments released a new interesting update for fluXpad. This new update adds finally support for variable sequence length. This new features brings a lot of more flexibility and creativity to your music production.

fluXpad is the first sample sequencer that fully functions by simply drawing the sounds. In fluXpad it’s super simple to record your own sounds, to create different pattern and to jam with them. fluXpad is a sample based groovebox/workstation with a highly original sequencer, where you “draw“ your music, which leads to completely different results, when compared to a traditional sequencer. The y-axis of your canvas controls pitch, while the x-axis controls the sustain of your notes. Sounds familiar, but drawing on a canvas without any grid is a totally new experience. Of course it is possible to quantize your notes, or you can limit your note range to major or minor scales.

What’s New in Version 1.0.8

  • Support for variable sequence length
  • Option to apply scales and ranges to all sequences at once
  • Restore purchase

Check out here my introduction video to fluXpad 

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