Arthur Kerns released midiSTEPs v.1.5 with AUv3 Support and Ableton Link

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Excellent news for users of the midiSTEP’s app. The developer released v.1.5 and transform the entire app in a new app with the AUv3 support. This great new feature transform this app in a 4 track groove-box which allows to load audio unit apps in four different slots. Amazing update from the developer.

Available here: 

midiSTEPs is a powerful and fun MIDI step sequencer app that sends MIDI note and CC messages to other music apps and external Synthesizers. It was designed to be super easy to use in a way that’s similar to the SH-101 sequencer, where you can just quickly enter a few keyboard notes and you’re ready to hit play and hear your sequence. At the same time, it also incorporates many ideas from other classic and modern sequencers, allowing you to set control values per step, mute and skip existing steps, switch between multiple patterns and parts, sync and link patterns in various ways, and modify your sequences.

What’s New in Version 1.5.0

  • iOS 10 update
  • Added Ableton Link support
  • Added AU effects support
  • Added multiple audio outs via AB or IAA
  • Added email/airdrop set sharing
  • Added Bluetooth MIDI support
  • Added MIDI program change support
  • Added AU/CC parameter lock midi map
  • Added ability to trigger steps with midi note or other notes from other part
  • Added more per step probability options: skip, tie, accent, reset
  • Changed randomize pattern to use only visible keys for better results
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements
Check out this video for midiSTEPs v.1.1 

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