XILS Lab PolyKB III released & Cheap Upgrade

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XILS Lab released today PolyKB III, a major upgrade of the PolyKB II Synthesizer. For limited time users of the PolyKB II can upgrade for 25 €. This new version brings a huge amount of new features, new oscillators and much more.

Simply the most versatile and powerful analog modelled polyphonic synthesiser ever produced The PolyKB III captures the sound and spirit of the legendary RSF PolyKobol 2 polyphonic synthesizer, including its most revolutionnary feature : Morphing analog Oscillators.

This set it apart from all the other common analog synth recreations, because you have instant access to hundreds of different analog modelled & free running oscillators waveforms. More than in other synthesizer, including those who propose switching between oscillators models. Icing on the cake, they can be dynamically modulated by many sources.

Features Highlights: 

3 Morphing Oscillators:
Oscillators are the only possible sound sources in an analog synthesizer. With 3 Oscillators, the PolyKB III now enters the very private territory of vintage analog synths like the Minimoog. As the oscillators can morph continuously, and can also be controlled by all modulation sources rather than stay static (Triangle to Saw to Double Saw to Square to Pulse) you get endless possibilities. A double Hard Sync algorithm is on board (osc2/1 AND osc3/2).  Finally, A 4th noise oscillator is there too, and Osc 2 & 3 can also behave like LFOs …  @ audio rate of course. 
2 Multimode Filters :
Two 0df Self Oscillating capable filters, with pre-post drive modules, direct Keyboard tracking, each with their own dedicated envelope for immediate tweaking. Multiple hardwired modulations. And multiple possible custom modulations as well : Total control. Each oscillator can feed Filter 1, or 2, or both. Filter can be cascaded (1 -> 2). And you can perform filter morphing with any modulation source by controlling the filter ½ balance. The filter is an essential part of each analog synth, but you’ll have to try the demo to get the feel of these ones, as nothing we could say can fully describe its creamy and precise character.
3 Enveloppes & 2 LFOs :
The 3 analog modelled ADSR are hardwired to the VCA and both VCF. But you can also use them as modulations sources. And targets as well, including individual EV segments. A keyboard tracking is available for the enveloppes. In addition, ADSR 2& 3 can loop, or can be used as a LFO to complete the 2 main LFOs and the (synced) Sample & Hold module. Enveloppes have a Time Multiply factor , to embrace all situations.
The full featured LFOs can cumulate several waveforms, like a sine + a square, or a synced noise ( Sample & Hold ) added to a Ramp Up. They have a fade in time, a delay time, and can be synced, to the host or internal clock. They also benefit from a reset/note on parameter. Of course LFOs can be polyphonic, or monophonic, so you can get both usual tremolo, vibrato and wha effects, while preserving a second Lfo for more subtle polyphonic modulations. 
Analog Modelled Effects
Delay, Chorus, Phaser, EQ : The PolyKB is equipped with vintage Chorus and Phaser units, and an analog type Delay & Dual EQ. Delay time, Chorus & Phaser rate can be used a targets in the User Mod Matrix to build Solina style Ensemble processing ,or other strange effects. These effects are simple, but have –a strong- character, and sound unique. And if you use them, it’s just impossible to replace them with any other external effects.
And much more…
·       Three aliasing-free morphing oscillators: from triangle to pulse, through saw.
·       Two 4 poles Multimode self oscillating filter
·       Three Loopable envelope generators (ADSR)
·       two MIDI syncable LFO
·       One MIDI syncable Sample and Hold
·       One 128 steps polyphonic sequencer/TranceGate Sequencer/Phrase Player
·       One Per voice VoiceXY modulator
·       One Per voice SpaceXY Spatializer
·       One Hardwired macro modulation matrix
·       One User Macro Mododulation Matrix
·       One arpeggiator (monophonic and polyphonic)
·       Four Vintage effects effects
·       Six Mono/Unison/Poly playing mode with up to 16 voices of polyphony
·       All parameters are MIDI controllable

The PolyKB II is available with the following formats (32 and 64 bits) :
·       Mac OSX 10.7.0 and later : VST, Audio Unit, AAX (32&64)
·       Windows XP, 7,8,10 ; VST,  RTAS (Protools 7.0 and later), AAX (32&64)
More Informations here: XILS Lab PolyKB III

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