ROLI announced BLOCKS – Modular Music Studio for IOS

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Today is a special day for new product announcements. After the new products from KORG, ROLI announced the BLOCKS, a modular music studio for IOS which works perfectly with their Noise 5D app. Looks very interesting because it has a touch screen which allow to shape your sound. The concept looks also very portable and usable outside the studio.

You’re a musician too Everyone can make music on BLOCKS, the most versatile music-making system ever made. BLOCKS is a modular music studio that’s for anyone — from beginners who have never taken a music lesson to pros who want to shape sound in new ways.

A powerful instrument that’s easy to pick up

Music is a language that everyone understands but few people can speak. BLOCKS changes that. It lets you make music naturally through intuitive gestures on a touch-sensitive playing surface. Each individual Block fits in your hand or your pocket, and they’re incredibly powerful. Just connect BLOCKS to NOISE, the free iOS app, and you have a wide array of sounds and effects to explore.

Build as you grow

BLOCKS introduces a new, modular way to make music. You can arrange your Blocks in many configurations to create kits that are perfect for you. The Blocks connect magnetically, so you simply add more Blocks to do more things. BLOCKS is a modular music studio that you build as your skills and interests grow.
Check out the official introduction video

More Informations here: ROLI BLOCKS

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