Flintpope released Talkboxkicker for Reaktor Blocks & 50% OFF Reaktor 6

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Flintpope released Talkboxkicker, a free Reaktor Blocks library for Reaktor 6. Really cool small library for all Reaktor 6 users. If you are not yet Reaktor user, now it’s a perfect time to jump on a good deal. Native Instruments offers 50% discount on their great Reaktor 6 modular Synthesizer software. Really check out this software because I don’t know a software with such an interesting user library than this one. Since the release, there are great developer and release free blocks for Reaktor 6 and brings such great new possibilities to the Reaktor 6 system. 

Featuring two Monark-based Reaktorblocks making use of those fat generators and filters for an old-fashioned ACIDIC feeling, TALKBOX also uses two LFOs coupled with Infinite Phi’s cascade filter to get that “talking” effect in twelve different presets ranging from quite voice-like to grungey bass-patterned not-at-all voice-like. There are are a few more variations in there but I’ve left it for you to find them!

KICKER is a similar set-up substituting Niji’s KICK for the cascade filter. WHY? Well, I have always found the kick drum the most boring of instruments so I’ve enabled an acid house style tweakage via those oscillators, filters and LFOs that gives you instant tunes and riffs across the keyboard. Give it a go: kick drum programming with a sense of fun.
OK, I stopped at only four presets because, well… it’s still just a kick drum, but there are many more waiting to be discovered!
Available here: Flintpope TalkBoxKicker
Available here: NI Reaktor 6 50% OFF

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